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Miracle Mantras ੴ The butterfly effect (Live aus Costa Rica) von Aykanna ~ Lyrics!

Empowering Mantras for awesome people: The butterfly effect मन्त्र

Lies es dir durch! Höre es! Chante es! Verwandle dich und werde zum Schmetterling!

Aykanna ist einfach großartig...

thank you for being here everybody in this very special, special transformative time on earth

that we are here in costa rica as ambassadors of this powerful healing energy that this blue zone represents

all of you like little imaginal cells in the body of a caterpillar turning into a butterfly

the imaginal cells, it´s important to understand, when a caterpillar goes into his crystallize these imaginal cells come online

the caterpillars immune system thinks these imaginal cells are the enemy and try to distroy them

but the imaginal cells are seeking each other out

and the more they begin to find each other

it reaches a tipping point

and that tipping point is the caterpillar becoming a butterfly

no longer trying to hold on to the past with caterpillar immune system

it is fully emotion to be a butterfly

and that which was fighting the imaginal cells to trying to kill of the imaginal cells now becomes food for the imaginal cells

and imaginal cells go on with their protocol,

their divinity, their destiny to be or create or become the community that will be the butterfly

so we must understand that we are all those imaginal cells that have been placed in a very special location on earth

at this time where there is a transformation happening all around us

the astrologers say what they say

and get out informations from the news

and than go inside and be the imaginal cells

and bring the gift that we´ve came to bring

because the planets are made of the same thing we are made of

the earth is made of the same thing we are made of

so we chant to clear the mind of past perceptions that we are not part of creation

that we don´t have the same power as the creator

when i´m saying we are when we´re saying we have given the same power to create

unlimited power

their engineering genes inside you that will prepare proteins, simplyicing gens, those engineering gens, no everything in creation, anywhere in creation

which means you can make whatever you need to make

if you need to naturalize radiation you have the ability to do it if you remember

you can talk to the mother earth because yourself comes from the earth

you can talk to the moon because you come from the moon

they are all calling you to be your truth

disasters happen to bring us together

the macrocosm is the microcosm within you

the stomach is upset you have to be still, you have to go within, you take your herbs, you do what you need to do, you rest, you go inside

so when disasters are happening on the outside they really pushing you into the inside to be the imaginal cells

not in the body of the caterpillar because the caterpillar´s dying of

we begin to be the butterfly

the imaginal cells, the community of imaginal cells that will create the butterfly of the aquarian age

so these times we must focus

use this time on the sacred land to prepare for the time when you go home

whether you doing yoga, whether you singing your mantra

that´s why mind protection

you are all aykanna

we are all aykanna

this is what we´ve been anointing to be

my wife and i, and michael, anybody that comes to be that link between haven and earth

it´s the forth line of the lords prayer

„some words in arameic language"

that will be done on earth as it is in heaven

so we must understand these planets, our earth is crying out to the imaginal cells in us

the governments, the wars, the abuse of children and women, of all the old caterpillars body dying of

we must gather

we must chant, this is why we are chant

to clear the way

our mind protection is focused on our divinity, focused on our truth, focused on us being our imaginal cells

as you lay, as you hear, as you listen, just remember yourself as imaginal cells

seeing if you like the embody of truth who you are

as a creator on this planet

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The butterfly effect | Aykanna

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